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Maid insurance is essential, because If a domestic helper plays a huge role in your household, any form of medical disruption can bring stress and invisible cost. Rest assured, here at Bricon Associates Singapore, we have the right Maid Insurance Solution for you.


If you are concerned about your financial security, it is a wise idea to go for maid insurance. This will help you to stay away from hassle during unexpected medical and accidental coverage. On the other hand, maid insurance will assist you to build trust and confidence within the mind of your maid as well. Main insurance doesn’t come only with financial benefits. When your maid knows that she is insured, she would happily work for you and your loved ones. This creates a positive impression about you on her mind. As a result, she would tend to fulfill all her responsibilities without any hassle. The maid insurance you purchase can offer reimbursements and compensation in case of hospitalization or accident. You will also be able to compensate the losses that can happen when the maid does not work because of her personal reasons. Therefore, it is something that every home owner with maids should consider about.


Tenet-Sompo Singapore Maid Insurance


MaidEase – Maid Insurance Coverage


With this Maid Insurance plan, we guarantee you will be more than a responsible employer. This Maid Insurance plan not only protects you and your family, but your domestic helper as well. With this plan comes a comprehensive range of benefits, which is more than just equipped to provide protection for any mandatory or unexpected costs:



-Global Personal Accident

-Re-hiring Expenses

-Maid’s Assets

-Ambulance Charges

-More benefits for accident incurred in insured’s residence

-Treatment by traditional Chinese doctor

-Medical Expenses

-Day Surgery

-Dread Disease

-Pre and post hospitalization costs

-Maid’s Liability